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Work Plan

The objective of ORIGINS is to investigate passport breeder document requirements and the issuing practice in Member States/Associated Countries at the most comprehensive level. From these investigations, key common security gaps will be identified and possible solutions will be studied and recommended in order to fill these gaps. The underlying idea is to restore the security and the confidence in the application and issuance process of e-passports. The project will support issuing and border control communities, governments and stakeholders, by suggesting relevant and cost-effective solutions.

The following scheme shows the links between ORIGINS work packages

The Work Package 2 will perform an investigation of passport breeder document requirements and issuance process throughout MS/Schengen and some associated countries. The inputs from stakeholders and the analysis of all data compiled will give a clear and comprehensive overview of the situation in Europe.
The Work Package 3 will undertake a security analysis on passport and breeder document issuance processes in order to determine the security threats and associated risks for fraud. The identification of all passport breeder document security gaps will guide the solutions and recommendations to be proposed in the next steps.
The Work Package 4 “Recommendations” will address possible solutions to enhance security properties of the life cycle of passport breeder documents and to integrate appropriate security features to these.
The Work Package 5 will investigate feasible and cost-effective training and communication methods in order to help issuing and border control communities through new tools and guidelines.
The Work Package 6 will contribute to the harmonisation and standardisation efforts of passport breeder documents, which constitutes an important output of the project. Harmonisation will be considered between MS/Schengen/Associated countries, whilst standardisation will aim to go beyond the CEN level by also interacting with ICAO activities.
The Work Package 7 will address ethical, legal and societal issues that may arise in the other work packages of the project when dealing with passport breeder documents.
The Work Package 8 will ensure the good dissemination of ORIGINS support efforts and recommendations to the passport issuance and border control communities, relevant stakeholders and MS.

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The European Conference on Breeder Documents will be held in October 2016 (Date TO BE CONFIRMED) by the ORIGINS European Project. It will take (...)

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