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Consortium as a whole

The successful achievement of ORIGINS objectives requires a multi-disciplinary collaboration of experts from a large spectrum of different security technology domains, passport and breeder document experts from the end-user side and experts of legal, ethical and sociological issues. ORIGINS has succeeded to build a consortium of market-leading industrial companies, relevant SMEs, renowned public research institutes and universities, passport and breeder document manufacturers, end-users represented by public administrations that are responsible for the issuance of ePassports and contributors to CEN and ICAO/NTWG, as described hereafter.

Frontex has been invited to be an External Participant and to join the other external participants included in the OAB. It will in particular be sought for the training activities.

ORIGINS will undertake special efforts to involve stakeholders from new Member States, such as Bulgaria, Croatia or Romania, but will also have a strong focus to acceding and candidate country such as Turkey. There will be a strong reach out to those countries and many others through the liaison with Standardization Groups. With the support of Frontex, active involvement of new Member States will be sought and encouraged. It is indeed important to anticipate the significance of the project’s results, and to ensure that the envisioned harmonization of breeder documents can be applied to a wider scope than the current MS/Schengen countries.

Every Member State has in essence the role of a “back-door” into its Schengen neighbours, and in order to ensure that each external border maintains a minimum equivalent level of security and that variations in the e-passport issuance process are minimized, ORIGINS has built a well balanced consortium with partners from many Members States, among which external border countries (Estonia, Latvia, Poland), and Associated Countries (Norway, Turkey), as shown in the following map:

Consortium geographical distribution

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The European Conference on Breeder Documents will be held in October 2016 (Date TO BE CONFIRMED) by the ORIGINS European Project. It will take (...)

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