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ORIGINS Advisory Board (OAB)

ORIGINS will set up an Advisory Board with the aim to facilitate and extend cooperation with stakeholders of the project results. The ORIGINS Advisory Board (OAB) will be composed of experts who will provide additional expertise in breeder documents related to user requirements. The aim is to benefit from the practical field expertise and know-how of experts from additional countries, stakeholders, user organisations, without growing the consortium to a too large number of partners.

The OAB allows getting an independent external view, whilst enabling for flexibility in the composition of the expert group. As a matter of fact, the ORIGINS partners envisage opening the OAB to additional experts in the course of the project as suitable.

The partners will get in touch with the administrations of the passport issuance and border guards of their respective country, and with the users of breeder documents (in particular of passport breeder documents) to invite them to the ORIGINS Advisory Board. We will invite Frontex to join the OAB. Frontex is responsible for coordinating the activities of the national border guards in ensuring the security of the EU’s borders with non-Member States.
Depending on the work progress, we will present ORIGINS project during the Intergraf conference 2014. We foresee to organize a common workshop with the European Project FIDELITY at the end of 2015, to present the results of both projects to a large community of experts, stakeholders and participants from all Member States.

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The European Conference on Breeder Documents will be held in October 2016 (Date TO BE CONFIRMED) by the ORIGINS European Project. It will take (...)

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