UL Transaction Security

UL Transaction Security


The ID Management Competence Center of Collis BV (trading as UL TS / UL Transaction Security per 1 November 2012) sets the standards when it comes to (electronic) identification solutions. It offers a range of training, consulting, research and development, test tooling and test services for ePassports, National ID cards and other ID documents to issuing authorities, border control authorities, personalization bureaus and vendors globally.

Consultants from the Identification Competence Centre bring with them years of experience in domestic and international ID Management, ePassport and Biometric Residence Permit projects. This ensures that new projects we join immediately benefit from best practices, lessons learned and the dos and don’ts from other ID projects. Collis actively contributed in several ICAO and EU MRTD activities in the international and European contexts. Collis regularly participates in the ICAO New Technologies Working Group on Machine Readable Documents, and actively contributes to ICAO MRTD (test) standardisation as ISO JTC1 SC17 WG3 member; Collis actively participated in the Brussels Interoperability Group, through test standardisation, coordination of the first EAC conformity test event and standardisation of a key management protocol for communication between Member States’ respective eMRTD PKIs. For FRONTEX, and in cooperation with PWC and Radboud University, Collis studied the Operational and Technical Security of ePassports in Europe.

Role in the project

While carrying out the FRONTEX study, a risk analysis workshop was held and demonstrated the lack of structural information exchange between the issuance community and the border control community. At the same time, opportunities were identified for leveraging border control officers’ document verification expertise for breeder document verification. Collis is glad to contribute to the next steps in improving border security by enhancing the breeder document evaluation as part of the ePassport issuance process. To leverage the experience of the Frontex study, Collis assigns senior specialists to this project, who have also been working on this study. Similarly, Collis contributes years of experience in international and European standardisation. Also, Collis’ extensive network in the (e)passport issuance and border control communities will be utilized.

As a linking pin to the Frontex study, and to introduce its expertise and network in the project as early as possible, Collis will predominantly contribute to WP2, studying breeder documents in the e-passport issuance process. Throughout WP3, WP4 and WP5, Collis will assume a review role, to retain the link with the environments and processes in which recommendations; training and communication methods should be implemented. Collis will further share its expertise in the interactive settings of WP6 and WP8.