Morpho is the world leader in multi-biometric technologies for fingerprint, iris and facial recognition, a global leader in the smart card industry and an acknowledged expert in identification and detection systems. In 2011, the Morpho turnover was 1,249 million €, the workforce was 7,530 people and over 8% annual turnover is dedicated to R&D. Morpho is part of the international high-tech group Safran.

Its solutions meet a wide range of security needs for individuals, businesses and governments worldwide, including identity management, personal rights for residents and travellers, physical access to airports or other high-value sites, and logical access (online or via secure terminals). The acquisitions of Printrak, and 81% of GE Homeland Protection in 2009 and L1-identity in 2010 reinforced the company’s position as a leading global player for security, identification systems and documents as well as in detection solutions.

Morpho is the coordinator of several research consortia. These consortia are French or European. During FP6 or PASR, Morpho leaded successfully projects like 3D Face, ISCAPS or STABORSEC. In FP7, Morpho is leading EFFISEC, TURBINE and FIDELITY, and it will lead INGRESS.

As the world leader in AFIS and ID management solutions, Morpho has proven its ability to manage large-scale projects and develop customized local solutions. To date, the company has delivered 300 million ID documents.

Role in the project

Within ORIGINS, Morpho will coordinate the project and contribute to its dissemination (in particular with workshops organisation and attendance to relevant conferences), the analysis of passport breeder documents security gaps and the proposition of solutions to fill these gaps. Morpho will also play an important role in the task of harmonisation and standardisation. Morpho will bring its experience in identity (biometric database) management issues. As the coordinator of FIDELITY, Morpho will foster communication between both projects and feed FIDELITY with the results achieved in ORIGINS on breeder documents aspects.